Xavier Becerra is unqualified to be HHS Secretary

Xavier Becerra, President Biden’s Pick for Secretary of HHS Has Zero Health Care Experience

Joe Biden

President Joe Biden’s Health and Human Services (HHS) nominee, Xavier Becerra is unqualified to be HHS Secretary. Becerra has no experience in health care. Becerra is so unqualified that 75 Republican members of Congress are urging President Biden to withdraw Becerra’s nomination. As Attorney General of California, Becerra has viciously persecuted pro-lifers and people of faith. Becerra is most famous for harassing the Little Sisters of the Poor for wanting a moral exemption from the Obamacare contraception mandate. Becarra has supported Medicare for All for 24 years. He is a Leftist who supports open borders, abortion and changing the voting laws. Watch Laura Ingraham and Victor Davis Hanson discuss President Joe Biden’s pick of Xavier Becerra as Secretary of HHS.

Source: Ingraham Angle, “Who Is Biden’s Radical HHS Pick Xavier Becarra?” February 22, 2021

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