What Most Americans Do Not Know About Ivermectin

What Most Americans Do Not Know About Ivermectin

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Last week, in my post “Is the FDA in Bed with Big Pharma?” I shared a 4-minute video clip of Maria Bartiromo’s interview with Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis). In that interview, they discussed the 798K “adverse events” from the Covid-19 vaccine. (Those events had been reported in the last 10 months.) During that segment, Maria Bartiromo asked Senator Johnson “What happened to Ivermectin?” and Senator Ron Jonson replied that “There’s no money in it.”

So, what is Ivermectin and why is Merck Pharmaceutical now manufacturing a $700 per dose drug to cure Covid-19 as opposed to the $2 a dose Ivermectin? Thanks to One America News Network (OANN) for publishing ‘The Story of Ivermectin‘. Had OANN not highlighted this video, most of us would never have seen it. The only thing One America News knows about this video is that it was posted to Rumble by a user called ‘Temporarily Grounded.’ Watch to learn about the benefits and history of Ivermectin.

The Truth About Ivermectin

Big Tech and mainstream media are hiding the truth from Americans. The Biden administration and the ‘swamp‘ are hiding the truth from Americans. This is not Democrats versus Republicans. This is not Blue states versus Red states. This is about the people in power who are trying to control us. Please don’t let them. We need to get this (and other information) out! Please share this post (while you still can).

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