Russia Is the U.S. Mediator in the Iran Nuclear Deal

Russia Is the U.S. Mediator in the Iran Nuclear Deal

Joe Biden, Russia

Why in the world is the United States of America allowing Russia to mediate (on our behalf) to get the U.S. back into the 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal? What is going on? In the midst of Russia’s invasion into Ukraine, the U.S. is allowing Russia to negotiate…. for us… with Iran… to resurrect a nuclear deal with Iran. Watch as Maria Bartiromo (host of Sunday Morning Futures) asks former United Nations Ambassador (and former Governor of South Carolina) Nikki Haley if Russian President Vladimir Putin is a war criminal. Haley warns Americans (and President Biden) that “You don’t negotiate with an enemy” and that we need to “Stop reacting and start leading!”.

Source: Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo on Fox News, March 6. 2022

Excerpt from Maria Bartiromo’s Interview with Nikki Haley

“So, first of all, the idea that we would even be talking to either Russia or China about what’s happening with Iran is ridiculous. I mean. You don’t allow an enemy to speak for you. You don’t negotiate with an enemy. At this point in time, we can’t trust Russia. And the idea that we would be falling all over ourselves to turn around and allow Iran to have more money, where they can go and continue to terrorize the world is ridiculous.”

We should not in any way get back in this Iran deal. We shouldn’t do any negotiations with them. The only way we should do this is if we have our Arab partners involved in this. That know how deadly and lethal that Iran can be. We should not be doing this. And it’s bad enough that Biden leaned on China to go get help with Russia. You’re going and leaning on one enemy to get help with another. I never told China anything I didn’t want Russia to know. And this is just naive. (And it’s…) This is weak on every level. It’s why we’re continuing to have problems. It’s because the U.S. is being foolish about our situation.”

Nikki Haley 3/6/2022 on Sunday Morning Futures with Nikki Haley

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