Why We Launched Quiet No Longer

In 2012, my husband and I registered the domain name QuietNoLonger.com. At the time, we were fed up with the political climate that we were living in.  (Apparently, we weren’t aggravated enough to actually build a site and start a blog.)

We just remained quiet and kept our opinions to ourselves. We’d share our thoughts with like minded individuals but we’ve always had a strong “no politics allowed” policy in our home. It was easier to simply keep the peace.

Why Now?

Today, it’s different. Our world is in chaos. People are looting, rioting in the streets, defacing and destroying national monuments and putting our citizens and police officers in harms way. It’s not safe in many cities. It’s time to speak up. By doing nothing, we’re condoning this. Now’s the time to defend our freedom and our country.

The main-stream-media is distorting the news to meet their narrative. The truth is out there but it’s a challenge to find it. It’s more of a challenge to get people to pay attention to it and see what it is really going on. It is our intention to share information that truly reflects what is going on in the USA today. Please join us. Together we can make our voices heard.

A Little More About Us:

Some of you may recognize me from Twitter as @keepupweb. I was a public school teacher when we met and I have experience in both the corporate and non-profit worlds. My husband Mike worked in the for-profit world. Both of us have voted since we were 18. (We were Democrats back then.)

There has never been an election as important as the one this year. We realize that launching this site may cost us friends but our future and the future of our children and grandchildren are at risk.

It’s time to speak up.