New Focus on Hunter Biden's Business Deals with China

New Focus on Hunter Biden’s Business Deals with China

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Peter Schweizer, author of ‘Red Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win‘ is an expert on Hunter Biden’s international business dealings. Recently, Schweizer appeared on Sunday Morning Futures to discuss the affect that the Biden family business deals are having on our foreign policies, It’s eye opening to learn how President Biden’s reversals of our foreign policies seem to be directly tied to the very countries that the Bidens have made millions of dollars on. Remember, Hunter Biden’s business dealings were in China, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Ukraine and Russia (all while Joe Biden was VP).

Source: Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo on Newsmax, July 3, 2022

Joe Biden’s Foreign Policy Reversals

Partial transcript of Peter Schweizer’s remarks:

“When it comes to the Biden’s dealings with China, What we’ve seen in the past 18 months (during the Biden administration) is a retreat by a thousand small steps. When it comes to American policy towards China. (You know.) We basically have an administration saying that it’s going to be okay.for Americans to own shares in companies that are linked to blacklisted Chinese-military linked companies. That’s a policy reversal .”

“You have them get rid of the China-Initiative at the Department of Justice to crack down on the Chinese acquisition of American technology You have them getting rid  of tariffs on solar panels. (China of course produces 80% in the world.) You have them talking about getting rid of tariffs in general on China. You can look at their treatment of the company Walway and TikTok. The reversals in those areas. I can go on and on.”

“The bottom-line and the most stunning thing Jason is; All of those retreats by the Biden administration on China., they received ZERO CONCESSIONS in RETURN. These are all GIVEAWAYS to BEJING. And so, we have to have an honest conversation in this country. Does the flow of CHINESE MONEY to the Biden family (Tens of Millions of dollars) INFLUENCE American Foreign Policy? We see news  articles all of the time Jason about Big -Tech and Big-Oil and Wall Street influencing the legislative process. Why shouldn’t we  have that conversation about  Chinese money flowing to the Bidens?”

Hunter Biden’s International Business Deals

Map Source: The Government Accountability Institute

Peter Schweizer continues: “It’s a veritable United Nations of Corruption. It spans the globe. Here’s the thing Jason. When you look at that map, notice who is NOT highlighted on that country. Great Britain. Germany. Japan. Countries that have economic and business cultures that lack corruption. Or minimize corruption.  Each and every place that Hunter Biden was looking to do business has a corporate climate that is highly corrupt. That is also very curious and has very major initiatives that they want accomplished in Washington D.C. with our government leaders. Namely, Joe Biden. And that’s the bottom line.”

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