Mark Levin Debunks President Joe Biden's Covid-19 Vaccine Claims

Mark Levin Debunks President Joe Biden’s Covid-19 Vaccine Claims

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Mark Levin is a renown constitutional lawyer, nationally syndicated talk-radio host and host of the Life, Liberty & Levin show. Levin is also not a fan of President Joe Biden. In fact, Levin has gone on record to declare that Joe Biden is the most radical President in U.S. history. So, imagine the surprise that Sean Hannity got when he started his interview with Levin on his March 11th show. Hannity opened with a question about Levin’s thoughts about New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo and the recent allegations against him (both of sexual harrassment and the actual number of Covid-19 nursing home deaths). Rather than discuss Cuomo’s latest infractions, Levin went into a tirade about President Biden’s March 11th speech. Levin was livid (as we should be). President Donald Trump and his Operation Warp Speed is the only reason we have the Covid-19 vaccines not President Joe Biden. Watch for yourself and see if you agree. (I do.)

Source: Mark Levin on the March 11th 2021 show of Hannity on Fox News.

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