Mainstream Media Does NOT Want Uou to See this Video

Mainstream Media Does NOT Want you to See this Video

2020 Election, Censorship

On Thursday November 19th 2020, President Trump’s legal team conducted a press conference to expose electoral fraud. Rudy Giuliani, Sydney Powell and Jenna Ellis (senior legal advisers for President Trump) presented evidence including sworn witness affidavits that support their allegations. Chances are you didn’t see it. Chances are, if you only get your news from mainstream media (and yes, that includes Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.) you’re not going to see this. It’s an hour and a half long press conference but if you care about our freedoms, our constitution and the future of the United States of America, you owe it to yourself to watch this. We’re living through history now but our mainstream media is doing us a disservice by not sharing this information with us.

Our Election was Processed by a Venezuelan owned Company on a Computer Server in Frankfurt Germany

At about 38 minutes in, Rudy Giuliani passes the podium to Sydney Powell. Powell continues to paint the picture of an election that was influenced by Communist money including Venezuela, Cuba and “likely” China. You may have already heard the accusations relating to Dominion Voting Systems. You may have heard that the Dominion computer server that our election votes were tabulated on was unsecured. There is evidence that the database was stored on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and that there were access points to that database (where votes could be altered).

There are multiple resources where you can investigate these allegations for yourself. One of the most interesting that I have found to date is this Interview with Russell Ramsland from Allied Security Operations. Ramsland presents hard evidence of how easily election fraud could take place based on the lack of cyber security.

The “Iron Curtain of Censorship”

At about 1 hour and 10 minutes in, you’ll hear Rudy Giuliani explain that his team is attempting to go around the “Iron Curtain of Censorship” to get the facts of election fraud out to the American people. The facts that he referred to are the affidavits from the American people. Shortly after this, Sydney Powell steps forward to discuss the corruption that has evolved including interference into our election from foreign countries. Powell went on to say that this corruption is for money and that there are questions as to how many political candidates (both Republican and Democratic) paid to have the system rigged to work for them. Powell went on to tell the media to think about the global interest involved in their own news organizations.

Did the Good Guys Get “It” or the Bad Guys?

The “It” in this question was brought up to Powell by a member of the media and references the Dominion computer server that hosted the database for our election ballots. This discussion ensued about 1 hour and 13 minutes into the press conference. It is believed that someone from the United States (purportedly accompanied by U.S. military) seized the Dominion Voting Systems computer server from the (Barcelona Spain based) Scytl Company in Frankfurt Germany. However, we don’t know who is in possession of the server at this point in time.

Over to You

Do you believe that this was a fair election? Do you believe that Joe Biden legally won this election? Do you believe that there has been significant electoral fraud and that our election was interfered with by foreign countries?

You can make a difference! Speak up and share this information. We all have friends and family who get all of their news from mainstream media. They won’t believe the evidence that is being uncovered because our country is being lied to by Facebook, Twitter and all the other mainstream media outlets out there.

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