Human Trafficking Across the US-Mexico Border Brings in $14.6M a Day

Human Trafficking Across the US-Mexico Border earns Cartels $14.6M a Day

Biden Border Crisis

According to the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, human trafficking across the U.S.-Mexico border is now a multi-billion dollar business for the cartels. In February 2021, human trafficking across our border brought in an average of $14.6 million a day. Watch as award-winning investigative journalist Lara Logan exposes the truth behind the Mexican cartels which she says have now “become the most powerful criminal organizations on earth”. Logan has witnessed this human tragedy first hand and reports that the human trafficking across the U.S.- Mexico border has been described to her as “the largest form of modern slavery in the world”.

Source: Lara Logan: Cartels track migrant workers in U.S. on Fox News

U.S. Border Patrol: February 2021 Smuggling Revenues

Human Trafficking across the U.S.-Mexico Borders a $14.6M a day business

For More Insight into the Crisis at the US-Mexico Border:

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