Did the FBI and the DOJ Know About #RussiaGate?

Did the FBI and the DOJ Know About #RussiaGate?

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Special Counsel John Durham‘s investigation into #RussiaGate has revealed that Hillary Clinton, the FBI and the DOJ knew that the allegations of collusion between Russia and Donald Trump was a hoax. Evidence in Michael Sussmann’s trial reveals that the accusations against President Trump were a lie. Watch as Representative Darrell Issa (R-CA) answers the question “Did the FBI and DOJ know that this was a hoax and this was politics or were they completely duped?

Source: Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo on Fox News, May 29, 2022

Did the FBI and DOJ Know that this was a Hoax?

Representative Darrell Issa’s responded: “Well, they absolutely did know. If you have to choose, with the FBI, between complete incompetence and wrongdoing, you have to choose wrongdoing. They’re too well paid, too well trained and too well equipped to have not known better. And there’s evidence that they specifically did know better. That they knew that this wasn’t credible even when it was brought to them.”

“But it worked. (I mean.) Let’s remember one thing. If something works, you keep doing it. Hunter Biden made $11 Million dollars off of his father’s name and reputation. And now, he’s an ‘artist‘ making millions more. Selling art while his father’s the President. So, If a con works, you do it. In this case, it worked. Not only to have this false narrative but to continue with it throughout the entire Trump administration.”

“Most people in America today have this sort of a whiff of… well, was Trump too cozy with Russia. When in fact, it was Hunter Biden that got millions from the Mayor of Moscow. Well, that can’t be explained in any way except a payoff to him for being the son of his father.”

Americans Need to Believe in the FBI and the DOJ

“To be candid, with this jury, It’s very possible to get a hung jury or even an acquittal. (um) That doesn’t mean that the case hasn’t been made. That the American people haven’t seen sworn testimony. That Hillary Clinton knew what they were doing when they falsely accused the President. When they paid to mislead (in some way) the FBI. And it does mean that, when we take control in January (as we anticipate we will), we’ve got to help clean house in the Department of Justice and the FBI.”

“These are good organizations with lots of good people but (very clearly) they had enough people in high positions, (many of whom are still there) during the Trump administration to undermine that administration. And that kind of, what I would call (uh you know…) to treason has to be dealt with. And it has to be dealt with by a suspicious Congress. This one is not suspicious. The next one will be. We’ll be looking for the kind of wrongdoing. And we’ll do it with the Inspector General and with others that can help root out people who have in fact crossed the line and not done their job.”

Hunter Biden Used ‘Burner Phone Apps’

The remaining 3 minutes of this segment addresses new information about Hunter Biden and the ‘Laptop from Hell‘. It has now been discovered that Hunter Biden used ‘burner phone apps‘. So, he could make phone calls and send text messages from different phone numbers. Rep. Issa told Duffy “The fact is you don’t need these kinds of virtual phone numbers unless you intend to buy drugs or do something clandestine and then make the line go away. It’s very clear that he wanted to do that. He wanted to have multiple numbers so that someone would think they were talking to somebody or texting with somebody on a number. And then, he could just make it go away. Which he obviously did.”

In closing, Rep. Issa and Sean Duffy discuss the importance of the midterm elections and having a Congress going forward that will investigate and change legislation. Issa says “We’ve got to get the Department of Justice to be reliable and do their job. And to do it blindly. And right now, as you can see, Hunter Biden is not even paying a price for his income tax evasion. He’s going to pay back (apparently) a couple of million dollars (that he deceived and got away with) for a period of time. That’s not what would have happened to you or I. If you or I cheated the government out of millions of dollars, it would not be just pay the fine later. There’d be criminal prosecution. That’s an Al Capone type of event. And yet, it’s very clear. He’s not being prosecuted.”

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