Is the Threat of Covid-19 to School Aged Children Real?

Is the Threat of Covid-19 to School Aged Children Real?


For the past six months, we have been bombarded with information about the Covid-19 pandemic. Millions of people are unemployed. Businesses have permanently closed. While some governors are opening their states for business, others are still enforcing lock-downs and restrictions. One of the biggest challenges that we’re hearing is whether or not it’s safe for children to go back to school.

Data vs Perception

On his August 18th show, Tucker Carlson focused on the Franklin Templeton-Gallup research project. (For those of you who aren’t familiar with Franklin Templeton, they’re an investment firm). The comparisons between the actual numbers of deaths from Covid-19 and Americans perception of the numbers is startling. Here is the clip from the August 18th episode of Tucker Carlson tonight:

Source: The Tucker Carlson Tonight show on Fox News August 18, 2020

The three images below are sourced from “ON MY MIND: THEY BLINDED US FROM SCIENCE” which was authored by Sonal Desai, Ph.D. Franklin Templeton Fixed Income Group. This is the data that Tucker based his piece on:

Misperceptions of Risk of the Covid-19 pandemic by age groups
Source: Sonal Desai, Ph.D. Franklin Templeton Fixed Income Group

The three take-aways from what Sonal Desai, Ph.D. Franklin Templeton Fixed Income wrote are:

  1. On average, Americans believe that people aged 55 and older account for just over half of total COVID-19 deaths; the actual figure is 92%.
  2. Americans believe that people aged 44 and younger account for about 30% of total deaths. the actual figure is 2.7%.
  3. Americans overestimate the risk of death from COVID-19 for people aged 24 and younger by a factor of 50; and they think the risk for people aged 65 and older is half of what it actually is (40% vs 80%).

The chart below confirms that nearly all US fatalities from Covid-19 are among people older than 55. (Tell me again. Why can’t schools open?)

COVID-19 Deaths by Age: Beliefs versus Data
Franklin Templeton-Gallup research project based on U.S. CDC data

The 3rd graphic compares the fear of Americans (by age group) of suffering serious health effects from the coronavirus to the actual number of deaths.

Fear of Health Consequences from Covid-19 compared to Actual Mortality (by age bracket)
Source: Franklin Templeton-Gallup research project

Dems Overstate the Risk of Death for Young People

Dems Overstate the Risk of Death for Young People
Source: Tucker Carlton on Fox News Network 8/18/2020

Tucker goes on to point out that:

“The more CNN you watch, the less you know about science. That’s not speculation. The study found that self described Democrats (quote) ‘tend to mistakenly overstate the death for younger people much more than Republicans’.”

Tucker went on to remind us that this research project was not a partisan survey. This research was done by an investment firm. This research confirms that the message we’re getting from the Democrat party (and the Joe Biden campaign) is that “Covid-19 is an imminent mortal threat to everyone in America: young and old, healthy and sick. A mandatory vaccine is our only hope. Until that arrives, you must do exactly what we say.”

Over to you

What are your thoughts? Are you frustrated and angry that the mainstream media delivers biased news intended to instill fear in us? (So that we comply with lockdowns.) Do you know people who only get their news from networks like CNN and MSNBC? Do you try to convince them to watch and read other sources? I’m interested in your thoughts.

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