CDC The Real Numbers of Covid-19 Deaths Exposed

CDC The Real Numbers of Covid-19 Deaths Exposed

Covid-19, President Donald J Trump

The recently updated CDC numbers for Covid-19 deaths reveal that over 130K of those deaths were patients who had life-ending diseases including cancer, dementia and end-stage renal failure. The numbers show that over 10k of those patients died while in hospice care. Doctors confirm that many of these deaths were patients who were dying and their deaths were not caused by Covid-19. These doctors point out that the CARES Act (passed by Congress in March 2020) gave hospitals a 20% bonus for a Covid-19 diagnosis. If you “Google” this, you’re going to find fact-checkers saying that this is false or partly false (because that’s the narrative of the Democratic controlled mainstream media). The 20% coronavirus bonus is true. It wasn’t until August 2020, that the CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) updated their Medicare billing rules to require a positive laboratory test as documentation in the patient’s medical record.

Only 6% of CDC Deaths from Covid-19 Didn’t Have Pre-existing Comorbidities

The CDC revealed that Covid-19 alone accounted for just 6% of the 200k deaths in the USA. The remaining 84% were patients who had preexisting comorbidities. The original CDC numbers had included heart attacks, cancer, dementia and renal failure.

6% of CDC Covid-19 Deaths were from Covid-19 Alone
One America News “CDC Reveals Hospitals Counted Heart Attacks As COVID-19 Deaths”

Mainstream Media, Covid-19 & Trump

Scared yet? Staying home? Home Schooling? Wearing Masks? You’re supposed to be scared. That’s part of the plan. The Democratic controlled mainstream media is blaming Covid-19 on President Trump. We’re supposed to believe that it’s Donald Trump’s fault that over 200,000 Americans died from Covid-19. Don’t blame CHINA! Blame Trump. So, stay home and mail in your ballot for the Biden Harris ticket. Or maybe, open your eyes and see what the truth is. Donald Trump’s response to Covid-19 saved the economy of the U.S.

Nothing changes the fact that over 200,000 Americans have died but have we really been told the truth or has the Democratic controlled mainstream media controlled the message that has been delivered to us?

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