Can we Trust Dr. Anthony Fauci to Tell Us the Truth About Covid-19?

Can we Trust Dr. Anthony Fauci to Tell Us the Truth About Covid-19?


Is Dr. Anthony Fauci moving the Covid-19 goalposts and changing his narrative based on opinion polls? Is he twisting science to fit his political goals and instill fear in Americans? Watch this video clip of Gregg Jarrett (news commentator, author and attorney) interviewing Dr. Marc Siegel (Fox News medical correspondent and author of “Covid, The Politics of Fear and the Power of Science“). Dr. Anthony Fauci has been highly touted as one of the foremost experts on Covid-19 but is he? Does Fauci always base his recommendations on science and facts or does he try to influence the public based on his personal political opinions?

Interview with Dr. Marc Siegel on the Lou Dobbs Tonight Show

Gregg Jarrett opened with “Dr. Anthony Fauci . . . (Dr. Siegel . . . um) . . . now admits that he altered his public scientific estimates based on opinion polls . . . admitting that yeah he misled the public but he tried to rationalize it by saying ‘oh gee, I didn’t think the public could handle the truth’.” Dr. Marc Siegel questioned Dr. Fauci’s reasons for making comparisons of the infection rate of Covid-19 to that of measles. Dr. Siegel’s opinion is that “It sounds like he’s trying to push people to take the vaccine by inflating or conflating the numbers, which is not what he should be doing.”

Jarrett closes with: “How can anybody trust Dr. Fauci? If you can’t trust (um . . . you know) the science and the scientist, where are we?”

Watch CNN’s Dana Bash Interview Dr. Anthony Fauci About “Moving the Goal Posts”

In a recent telephone interview with the New York Times, Dr. Anthony Fauci acknowledged that he slowly but deliberately moved the “goal posts” on what percentage of our population needs to become immune to Covid-19 to achieve herd immunity. In the video above, Dana Bash (on CNN) is seen questioning Dr. Anthony Fauci about his comments in that interview. Dr. Fauci is clearly hemming and hawing about herd immunity and measles. Then, Dr. Fauci says that Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) “is not nearly as transmissible as measles. Measles is the most transmissible infection you can imagine.”

This all brings me back to my question “Can we Trust Dr. Anthony Fauci to Tell Us the Truth About Covid-19?” Is he basing his recommendations purely on science or is he listening to opinion polls and tweaking his message to the public based on his politics? You decide.

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