Can the 14th Amendment be Used to Ban Republicans from the 2022 Election?

Can the 14th Amendment be Used to Ban Republicans from the 2022 Election?

January 6th, Politics

The Democrats are up to no good again! They are now trying to interfere with the upcoming 2022 elections. An activist group called ‘For the People‘ is trying to convince the North Carolina Election Board  to keep Representative Madison Cawthorn from appearing on the September 2022 ballot. Their pretense is a long-dormant provision in Section 3 of the 14th Amendment of the Constitution. (It was written in December 1865.)

The Democrats are claiming that “Cawthorn is constitutionally disqualified from public office under the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution based on reasonable suspicion that he helped facilitate the January 6th insurrection.” Watch as Congressman Madison Cawthorn tells Tucker Carlson, “They are actually very close to being able to subvert the will of over 700,000 Americans. And make no mistake Tucker, this is not just about a 26-year old from North Carolina in a wheelchair. This is about the future of our very nation. If they’re able to set this precedent in North Carolina, they will be able to keep anybody who had valid and legitimate concerns about what happened in the 2020 election from being able to ever hold office. Thus, ending the America First movement.”

Source: Tucker Carlson on Fox News Channel, February 21, 2022

Democrat Election Lawyer Marc E. Elias

To be honest with you, when I did my research for this post, I did not know who Marc Elias was. I quickly found a Gateway Pundit article that enlightened me. A short while later, I found a Blaze News article that opened my eyes even more.

Here’s Elias’ December 20th tweet:

Democrat Election Lawyer Marc Elias

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